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Steven Lash and Satori’s edge

March 12, 2012


Steven Lash and Satori World Medical (SWM) answer the need for a comprehensive medical plan that combines high-quality treatment procedures, and pricing aspects that are of value for both employees and employers. SWM provides a medical plan with such perks, and more.


From Steven Lash


Satori World Medical is a global healthcare network that provides access to outstanding medical services for a fraction of the cost in the U.S. The company supports international medical travel to any of the hospitals within its expansive network, and takes care of everything from travel and hotel accommodations, to procedure and follow-up schedules. Moreover, this host of services is easily assimilated into existing medical plans at no cost.


From Satori World Medical


In line with the business plan developed by Steven Lash, Satori World Medical offers several perks that set its services apart from typical healthcare networks. Primarily, SWM offers 40-80% cost savings for high-cost surgical procedures, greatly reducing a company’s potential annual medical expense. In fact, SWM considers its client’s savings so important that it only “makes money when [the] plan sponsor saves money.”


SWM makes sure that the healthcare providers within its network are among the best in the world. Its hospital partners are accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) and were chosen after several due diligence site visits. They also employ English-speaking, Board Certified medical professionals who are experts in their respective fields.


Additionally, SWM’s global healthcare service responds to the needs of the culturally diverse workforce in the United States. Ultimately, employers may look forward to increased employee retention and satisfaction due to the high value of benefits offered by SWM.


From Satori World Medical

Learn more about Steven Lash and Satori World Medical by visiting www.satoriworldmedical.com.

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