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Satori World Medical: Why travel abroad for medical care?

July 16, 2012

Satori World Medical is the leading global healthcare network and service provider worldwide. Its latest blog will delve into the topic of medical tourism and the reasons why people should consider traveling abroad for treatment.

Satori World Medical. Image Credit: satoriworldmedical.com

In a research conducted by Deloitte in 2009, 67% of the respondents answered that they do not want to go abroad for medical care even if it’s necessary for their health. Meanwhile, 69% percent expressed that they don’t feel the need to travel for healthcare, especially if it’s for an elective surgical procedure.

Although the results may seem like a huge hurdle to overcome, industry experts believe that medical tourism is not as hopeless as it may seem. They say that there are ongoing trends in the health industry that global healthcare providers like Satori World Medical can take advantage of, such as the increase in the access to low-cost airfare or transportation and the increase in outpatient surgical procedures, which constitute almost 70% of the services offered in medical tourism, among others.

Moreover, USNews.com shares some reasons why people should reconsider the benefit of medical tourism. These include:

1. Cost savings. One of the selling points of Satori’s programs is its Health & Shared Wealth Program, which provides patients with 100% medical benefit while making huge savings because of the negotiated lower rates per procedure as compared to the original cost of the procedure when carried out locally.

2. Better quality care. The article shares that countries like India and Thailand invest so much in their healthcare systems, making them ideal places for treatment and recovery.

Satori World Medical. Image Credit: satoriworldmedical.com

3. Excluded treatments. Another program that Satori World Medical is truly proud of is its Stop Loss Program, which prevents clients from shelling out money for additional procedures, since the program strategically provides clients with additional funds should a need to spend for more arise.

The other reasons why people are encouraged to consider medical tourism are: specialty treatments, shorter waiting periods, more “in-patient friendly,” and the lure of the new and different.

For more about Satori World Medical’s services, visit its website.

Satori World Medical. Image Credit: satoriworldmedical.com
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