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Satori World Medical: Enjoying summer in Montreal

September 6, 2012

Kevin Poling, Director of Travel and Patient Services at Satori World Medical shares that although the winter season in Montreal, Canada attracts numerous travelers because of the vast outdoor sports and leisure activities the snow brings, summer still tops the choice of most tourists. Of course, there are also other favorable seasons, but nothing beats the natural inclination of many to celebrate in warmer weather and embrace all there is to do under the summer sun.

Satori World Medical - Montreal, Canada, Image Credit: Richprice.com. http://www.richprice.com/page/4/
Satori World Medical Image Credit: Richprice.com

Here are some ways on how to enjoy summer in Montreal:

1. Tourists can enjoy the daily happenings up close and personal by just lingering at chic hotel rooftops or the street side while having some champagne or tropical fruit blends.

Satori World Medical - lounging in Montreal, Canada, Image Credit: Where.ca. http://www.where.ca/tag/toronto-hotels/
Satori World Medical Image Credit: Where.ca

Satori World Medical
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2. On this side of Canada, the festive mood is everywhere! It begins with the legendary Jazz Fest to simple gatherings at the foot of a hill. With good vibes, great laughs, and lots of music, there’s always a reason to have fun.

3. Biking is a way of life in Montreal. The town boasts of over 560 kilometers of bike paths and its incredible public bike system. Biking is also one of the best ways to explore Montreal in the summer—sightseeing, adventure seeking, and exercising all in one!

Satori World Medical - biking in Canada, Image Credit: wwf.ca.http://www.wwf.ca/conservation/global_warming/qa_joshua_laughren/
Satori World Medical Image Credit: Wwf.ca

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