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With the holidays nearing: Ways to keep it healthy and fun

October 2, 2012

If there’s one thing most people usually do during holidays, it is probably eating like there’s no tomorrow. With the holidays fast approaching, below are some tips on how to keep the fun without forgetting to stay healthy.


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Christmas and New Year celebrations involve so much food on the table that people often find themselves eating more than usual. Succumbing to the pleasure of filling the appetite to the fullest once in a while may be acceptable, but it shouldn’t be a habit that will make people lose their control over overeating. Califronia Pacific Medical Center shares that people should be realistic when eating during the holidays. Losing weight may be difficult with the presence of food, but people should set the goal of maintaining their current weight.


When there’s a buffet, health experts suggest people to not be in haste when choosing food. It is recommended to survey the whole selection first and choose the food that they feel like eating or are their favorites, instead of filling the plate to the brim of almost all the meals available.


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Another way to enjoy eating while staying healthy is by eating moderately. Being satisfied is very different from being stuffed and choosing the former is the way to go.


Also, eating healthy doesn’t mean ditching the turkey or ham for a plate of boring salad. People can still enjoy a juicy slab of steak, as long as they keep a balanced meal by having veggies and fruits on the side.


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