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When in Manila: Things to see aside from those shown in the Bourne Legacy

October 4, 2012

The slums, heavy traffic, and the thick crowd in a terminal in Manila are the ones showcased in the recently shown Bourne film, the Bourne Legacy. Although the scenes are not far-fetched from reality, there are lots more to see in the capital city of the Philippines than those shown in the big screen.


Image Credit: Thestar.com

Those who are in for a metropolis adventure can surely get what they want in Manila. The city is home to the largest business districts and traditional centers that say so much about the history of the place. The beauty of Manila actually lies in its irony, as it is a place that holds high-rise condominiums and commercial centers, yet one stone’s throw away, shantytowns and the real face of urban living can be seen and experienced.


One of the landmarks in Manila that is a must-see for all travelers, and even locals, is Intramuros. The place, also known as Ciudad Murada or walled city, is famous for its 3-mile-long massive stone walls. Near Intramuros are two other tourist spots that travelers should go to: Luneta Park, now called Rizal Park, and Quiapo Church.


Image Credit: Traveladventures.org

Rizal Park is adjacent to Intramuros and has been the Filipinos’ favorite spot to unwind and picnic. Meanwhile, Quiapo Church is known because of the Black Nazarene, which, as Catholic believe, holds miraculous powers.


From parks to churches, travelers may also visit Binondo, known as the oldest Chinatown in the world. Binondo holds a wide array of authentic Chinese restaurants and commerce, which truly reflect the Chinese colonialism in the Philippines.


Image Credit: English-ch.com

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