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Smoking’s effects and cessation: Busting the excuse that “once you start, you can’t stop”

October 22, 2012

Smokers and non-smokers alike know that smoking is hazardous to one’s health. It can result in cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and, worse, death. These health effects have already been proven through research and studies over the years. However, despite this knowledge, a lot of people still either choose to a) try smoking, which starts from just one up to a number that can become unimaginable, or b) continue smoking.

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In a way, people blame the addictive content of cigarettes as the reason why they can’t quit the habit. They say bad habits die hard, but smoking is actually a bad habit that can totally be eradicated from anyone’s lifestyle.

Smoking cessation offers people immediate and significant results, health-wise. Their blood circulation instantly improves due to the lessened carbon monoxide in the blood which tends to slow down the blood’s oxygen-transmission ability. The pulse rate and blood pressure also normalize when people stop smoking. It also provides people with an improved sense of taste and smell.

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Needless to say, quitting smoking can result in a better and longer life. One effective way to quit the habit is by going cold turkey. According to some specialists, cold turkey is an efficient way because smokers turn to being non-smokers instantly, without the excuse for a relapse. Although this method has side effects, such as anxiety attacks, irritability, frequent hunger, and even difficulty in sleeping, experts say that all these things will subside in time after the body has adjusted.

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