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Satisfactory medical benefits: A tool for employee motivation

October 25, 2012

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Motivation is influenced not only by employees’ passion and self determination to excel in what they do. There are also external forces that can affect or bring about motivation in the workplace. In motivating their employees, companies might as well take Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in consideration. According to the theory, there are four levels of needs that have to be fulfilled for people to be content and motivated. These levels are categorized as follows:

• Physiological
• Safety/security
• Social, esteem
• Self-actualization

The second level – safety – is about people’s need to feel secure from any physical or emotional harm. This level includes job security and medical insurance.

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In general, companies are encouraged to offer satisfactory medical benefits to their employees. Formulating health plans that fit their employees’ needs is a way to do so. Companies may opt for local medical health plans or, if possible, acquire a global healthcare plan for their employees. By doing so, employees will feel that they are valued by the company. It goes to show that the management takes care of their employees because they are concerned with their health. Having these privileges as part of employee compensation is an efficient tool to motivate employees.

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Suffice to say, wellness and health benefits are advantageous not only to the employees but also to the companies themselves. Simply because, according to studies, employees who are healthy seldom miss work and are less likely to quit their job due to health reasons. Health plans and insurance also eliminate the inconvenience of claims or structured settlements should an unfortunate incident or accident happen at work.

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