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Health care away from home

November 8, 2012

As medical tourism continues to fly high with medical travel firms, American patients held hostage by economic downturn have choices to make: remain financially indisposed in a costly US hospital or dig up the passport and seek inexpensive treatment at top-notch medical facilities in other parts of the world.

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Indeed, the lure of medical travel to cut costs on medical care is now slowly taking a foothold in American homes and offices that receive medical travel brochures. So long as the healthcare sector is ailing, the medical tourism proposition will remain an attractive option for anyone who wishes to undergo medical treatment in high quality facilities around the globe. The highly contested debate on insurance issues and medical liabilities may carry on for a while, but the medical tourism patients will continue to surge as premier medical travel brands continue to prove that the benefits of medical treatment abroad far outweigh any unfounded fear and doubts.

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For the average individual, insured or not, there’s no longer a need to take out a second mortgage just to pay for medical bills. The choice becomes simple and clear —it will be the Philippines over Philadelphia, Thailand over Texas, or India over Indiana. It’s time to keep up with the rapid pace of global health care innovation—affordable and safe medical care abroad.

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