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Offerings to Sekhmet: Health care in ancient Egypt

November 19, 2012

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During the ancient times when a person has an illness or suffers from a debilitating disease, the best place to go to was Egypt, as it was one of the most advanced civilizations of that time and had the best physicians that were renowned all over the ancient world.

Even though medical practitioners in Egypt (or physician-priests) often use spells, incantations, and prayers to the spirits and the goddess Sekhmet and believe that herbal medicines and surgical procedures would only take away the pain and only the gods can provide the cure, there is still much evidence that they were familiar with the human body and how it works. Ancient writings like the Edwin Smith Papyrus described surgical diagnosis and treatments, while the Ebers Papyrus described diseases of the eyes, the digestive system, the head, the skin, and some other maladies.


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Herbal medicines played a major part in Egyptian medicine. Garlic was mashed then mixed with vinegar and water and then used as a gargle to rinse the mouth. Cumin was used as an anal suppository, and leaves were used in poultices. In addition, proof of surgery, amputations, dentistry, and prosthesis were also found in ancient burial sites.

These practices influenced the medical thinking of the Greeks and Romans, which influenced Arab and European medical practices, which, in turn, became a big influence in modern Western medicine.


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