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Smoking nonsmokers causes cancer and death

November 22, 2012

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Everyday around the world, many smokers have been pestered by nonsmokers to put out their cigarettes. Most smokers comply, as it is common courtesy to do so. But now, because of this study by cancer.gov, they might really have to.

According to the study, secondhand smoke, which is a combination of sidestream smoke (smoke given off by burning tobacco) and mainstream smoke (smoke exhaled by a smoker), also causes lung cancer in nonsmokers.

What’s worse is that there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke, which means that even just a little secondhand smoke exposes a nonsmoker adult to diseases like cancer and heart disease and a child to sudden infant death syndrome, ear infections, and asthma attacks. In the United States, approximately 3,000 non-smokers die each year because of secondhand smoke exposure.


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The only way to prevent nonsmokers from coming into contact with cigarette smoke is by completely separating them from the smokers, but this is impossible in clubs and bars where both nonsmokers and smokers hangout. In addition, cleaning the air and ventilating buildings cannot completely eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke.

Because of this, many states have banned smoking in all public places, which include offices, restaurants, some bars, hospitals, schools, airline flights, buses, trains, federally owned buildings, and facilities that provide services to children.

Quitting smoking can save lives, not just the smoker’s own.


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