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Medical destination etiquette guide

December 11, 2012

Every year, more and more people opt to have their medical procedures performed outside the United States because they are cheaper, and the quality of service is comparable to, if not exceeds, that of hospitals in the United States.

However, as traveling to other countries means that travelers will be meeting people probably from all walks of life, with different traditions and cultures, the former will need to learn simple etiquette, which varies from destination to destination, to avoid being stared at or, worst, even arrested. Here are some tips and reminders that can be followed:


• Travelers, especially women, should not walk around in skimpy clothing, even in soaring temperatures.

• Travelers should always wash their hands before eating, and never use the left hand for eating, as it is considered dirty in Indian culture.

• Muslims don’t eat pork, and Hindus don’t eat beef.


Image credit: blogs.medindia.net

Image credit: blogs.medindia.net


Costa Rica

• When dining, both hands should be kept above the table, and making noise while eating is considered impolite.

• Getting drunk is impolite.

• It is considered rude to refuse food that is offered.


Image credit: georgezaharoff.com

Image credit: georgezaharoff.com



• Skimpy clothes are frowned upon inside churches.

• Giving up one’s seat on the bus to the elderly, the physically challenged, and pregnant women is common courtesy.

• Meeting and greeting formalities are important; failure to do so is construed as being rude.


Image credit: septawatch.com

Image credit: septawatch.com


Practicing common courtesy and common sense can go a long way when dealing with people from other cultures. Following these simple steps will make the medical traveler experience a lot more memorable.

For more information, visit the Satori World Medical website.

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