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Metro Manila travel dos and don’ts

December 13, 2012


Medical destinations in Asia are vibrant places that can inspire your imagination and rekindle your lust for life—more so in the Philippines’ grand metropolis, Metro Manila.

Metro Manila is a huge city. It is composed of 16 cities and 1 municipality, and is home to 11,855,975 people, approximately 13 percent of the entire country’s population.

With a city this big, it is not uncommon for you to feel overwhelmed. To alleviate this feeling, here are some tips for surviving and enjoying the jewel that is Metro Manila:


• Learn basic Filipino. Although most, if not all, locals know how to speak English, they love to hear foreigners talk to them using their native language. A little “kamusta ka?” (how are you?) and “maraming salamat” (thank you) can go a long way.

• Smile. Most Filipinos respond to a smile, especially when it is genuinely given.

• Try the food. Eating in the Metro is very cheap (compared to Western countries), and the food taste quite good.

• Ride the jeepney. This well-known transportation system is cheap, plentiful, and can take you to most places in the city.


Image credit: myroom.brinknotes.org

Image credit: myroom.brinknotes.org



• Like any city in the world, Metro Manila has its share of undesirables. Do not wear expensive jewelry or bring your expensive gadgets while going around the city. Common sense goes a long way.

• Unlike in the United States, most shopkeepers, tricycle drivers, and beggars are sometimes pushy to the point of being harassing. Don’t scream at them, they are just trying to earn a living. Just firmly say no and walk away.

Follow these tips, and you will find that medical travel is more fun in the Philippines.



For more information, visit the Satori World Medical webpage.

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