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Vaping: The low down on e-cigs

January 9, 2013
Image credit: guardian.co.uk

Image Source: guardian.co.uk


Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things a person can do. Only a few of those who quit smoking cold turkey actually succeed in doing so. In addition, with a lot of governments adopting tougher measures and banning smoking in public places, smokers have no choice but to either quit or look for healthier alternatives, like e-cigarettes or e-cigs.

Despite being called e-cigs and looking like actual cigarettes, e-cigs are actually not cigarettes, as they do not contain tobacco. Instead, they have a tiny mechanism, which heats up propylene glycol (a chemical that is used in inhalers), that contains varying amounts of nicotine and turns it into vapor that smokers can inhale or “vape.”



E-cigs are not subject to tobacco laws and can be purchased by anyone, and e-cig makers claim that e-cigs are safer than cigarettes because the vapor an e-cig releases does not contain the thousands of toxic chemicals present in tobacco smoke. However, regulatory agencies and health experts are not sure if the devices are safe and want these devices considered illegal until proper research trials can be conducted to prove their safety.

Smokers, however, say that e-cigs have helped them lessen their smoking habits, and some of them even experience the same benefits that those who quit smoking enjoy: better breathing, improved sense of smell and taste, and normalized blood pressure.

Although the benefits of e-cigs to smokers are largely unproven by research trials, more and more people are starting to use e-cigs as healthier alternatives to smoking, as evidenced by e-cigs’ rising popularity.



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