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Online high: Understanding Internet addiction

January 29, 2013

Pathological Internet use or Internet addiction is a real and growing problem, both in the developed world and third world countries. Most Internet addicts spend so much time on the Internet that they forgo sleep, or neglect school, work, and relationships, a clear indication of Internet addiction. There are different kinds of Internet addiction, according to NetAddiction.com, among which are cybersex/cyberporn addiction, cyber-relationship addiction, and cybergaming/gambling addiction.


Image Source: theweek.com

Image Source: theweek.com


Cybersex or cyberporn addiction is the most common form of Internet addiction. People addicted to cybersex or cyberporn continuously engage in viewing, downloading, and searching for online pornography. This is evidenced by the fact that online pornography has become a multi-billion dollar industry, earning over $2.84 billion in the US alone.

Cyber-relationship addiction is dangerous because for the involved, online relationships are more important than real-life ones, which may be the case that leads to destroyed personal relationships and families.



Cybergaming or gambling addiction is very damaging because cybergaming or Internet gaming addicts sometimes lose track of time, spending hours or even days playing Internet multiplayer games, as evidenced by this incident in Korea.


Image Source: news.com.au

Image Source: news.com.au


In addition, there are physical problems that are common to people who are addicted to computers and the Internet. Here are some of them:

Carpal tunnel syndrome;

Dry eyes;

Poor visual acuity; and

Sleep-pattern disturbances.

Since Internet addiction is a growing problem not just in developed countries but in developing countries as well, there arises a need for regulation and proper information dissemination.

For more information, visit the Satori World Medical website.

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