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Plastic surgery: Asking the essential questions before getting an elective procedure

February 11, 2013

Unlike emergency procedures for life threatening conditions, elective surgeries are arranged and planned out in advance, reducing the risk of complications and other medical problems during and after the procedures. However, no surgical procedure is danger-free, no matter how ‘non-essential’ it is. So it only makes sense that you know what you’re getting into before undergoing any amount of nip and tuck.



Health.com presents five questions to ask before deciding to have cosmetic or plastic surgery:

1. What are your doctor’s qualifications?

– Choose only a certified doctor with a good history of the procedure. To be sure, you can check with the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

2. How long has your doctor been doing the procedure?

– Needless to say, he or she should have a long line of experience listed under his or her name.



3. What are the potential risks and complications?

– No doctor would assure a risk-free procedure. If your doctor does, then think twice before proceeding with any surgery.


Image Source: onefaceinamillion.com

Image Source: onefaceinamillion.com


4. Where is the surgery going to be conducted?

– Accreditation is the key in choosing the venue. Whether it’s an ambulatory surgery center or a huge hospital, the medical facility should adhere to strict safety and quality standards of accreditation organizations, like the AAAASF.org.

5. Will you have hospital privileges?

– When things get out of hand and become complicated, and there’s a need for you to be admitted to a hospital, you need to know your hospital privileges.

Complications in elective procedures are relatively rare, and there’s probably nothing to worry about. However, if you’re ignoring red flags, you may have to deal with a medical malpractice lawsuit in the long run.



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