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Wellness travel trends for 2013

March 11, 2013

In the previous year, healthcare industry observers saw a significant rise in the number of patients who traveled abroad for medical treatment. Without a doubt, medical travel has become more and more popular as an option due to the rising costs of health care in the US.


Image Source: 2Farticles.latimes.com

Image Source: latimes.com


Throughout 2013, observers have also noted some wellness travel trends that can contribute to the positive image that the industry has achieved among consumers, and might make travel for wellness more appealing to people who have remained unconvinced about its merits.

Some of the improvements to expect this 2013 are the following:

– Many airports are undergoing renovations that are geared toward increasing comfort. Wellness has become a top consideration in many airport designs, and there are many terminals that are undergoing changes to create an atmosphere of relaxation for airline passengers.



– Hotels are also starting to do their part in ensuring the health and wellness of their guests. Many have gone beyond the usual spa, gym, and pool offerings, and have taken steps to ensure a more comfortable stay with rooms designed to induce better sleep, and air conditioning systems that eliminate bacteria and allergens in the air.

– Many companies are also planning to increase the incentives given to employees who participate in health improvement programs.


Image Source: thejacksongroup.com

Image Source: thejacksongroup.com


– Apart from medical procedures, the non-religious spiritual practices for healing are also gaining more attention. Mental health is also an important aspect to wellness, and various forms of meditation and yoga are part of many medical travel packages.

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