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Medical travel is not all about lower costs

March 27, 2013

When people talk about or hear of the increase in popularity of medical travel, the reason that many hear about too often is the economic benefit. There’s a significant amount of savings in store when patients choose to be treated overseas instead of consulting local medical specialists and relying on benefits and medical insurance to cover the costs.

Image Source: computerworld.in

Image Source: computerworld.in


It is not surprising that the topic of health care cost is among the first to be raised. People that need major surgeries still have to pay a significant amount out of their pocket, and just one medical treatment may cause a significant dent in their savings. An option that allows consumers to avoid that bleak reality is bound to be seen as a good one.

However, experts argue that it’s not all about the cost. If the lower cost is all there was to it, then the industry might not be experiencing the same growth that it does today. Many consumers are actually cautious of low costs when it comes to major expenses because it is often equated with low value.


Consumers still need to check for value. Are they really going to save a significant amount on costs? Are the hospitals they’re looking at overseas accredited by local health authorities? Can they verify the claims of the doctor and the treatment they’re looking at?

Indeed, the alternative may not be for everyone. There are many patients who still prefer to have their treatment done in local health institutions that they can easily trust. For others, however, the growth of medical travel presents them with various opportunities that allow them to choose treatment instead of forgoing it due to the high cost.


Image Source: primotravel.co.uk

Image Source: primotravel.co.uk


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