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Understanding weight loss: Exercising is only half the equation

April 5, 2013


One of the main reasons why a lot of people hate to exercise and go on a diet is because they do not see any lasting effects; thus, they get discouraged. But the real reason behind not being able to lose weight is because many people are doing the process wrong.


Image Source: totalbeauty.com

Image Source: totalbeauty.com


Exercise is only half the equation, with the other half being proper diet. Both should go hand-in-hand. People who focus on both proper diet and regular exercise are often the ones who succeed in reaching their weight-loss goals. A simple rule that people should remember is this: a weight loss regimen becomes a success if the amount of calories lost through regular exercise or physical activity is higher than the amount of calories taken in during eating.



Many perceptions about exercise are also wrong. Most people exercise vigorously until their desired weight loss is achieved, and then they stop exercising. According to Robert Kushner, clinical director of the Northwestern Comprehensive Center on Obesity, those who have lost weight and are starting to feel better should shift towards a more physically active lifestyle—one that they should maintain for the rest of their lives. Their new weight should be maintained through exercise because diet alone will make them gain back all the lost weight.


Image Source: raydiancehydepark.com/

Image Source: raydiancehydepark.com


Losing weight requires proper balance between eating healthy and exercising, and as long as this balance is maintained, proper weight loss can be achieved.

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