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A treat for mom: Pregnancy and getting a mommy makeover

April 17, 2013
Image Source: atlplastic.com

Image Source: atlplastic.com


Having a baby is a blessing, and it is an event worthy of a celebration. However, having kids can become overwhelming, and can take its toll on the mother’s physical appearance. Mothers have to put up with weight gain, sagging breasts, and bulging tummies. This could be distressing, especially if the body changes are hard to correct with diet and exercise.

Dr. Lawrence Tong
, a plastic surgeon in Toronto, Canada, notes that pregnancy may lead to low self-esteem due to changes in the body. To help correct their post-pregnancy body issues, Dr. Tong advises mothers to undergo a mommy makeover.


Image Source: glamour.com

Image Source: glamour.com



Lisa Brock, a mom from Lebanon, Pennsylvania, knew she needed the mommy makeover when her full C cup became less than an A after having her fourth baby. Lisa underwent a breast lift and augmentation, and a tummy tuck, and couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.

Just like many moms, Lisa has turned to surgery to bring back her pre-pregnancy body. As long as women are healthy, done bearing children, and have stopped breastfeeding, getting a mommy makeover is a very sensible choice. Dr. Tong explains that a mommy makeover typically comprises any one, or a combination, of the following procedures:

• Breast augmentation

• Breast lift

• Tummy tuck

• Liposuction

The nine months of pregnancy is not a walk in the park. Moms can treat themselves to a mommy makeover after bearing a child, so they can once again flaunt the body they had before the baby.


Image Source: tribunact.com

Image Source: tribunact.com


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