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Factors that hinder the growth of medical travel in countries

May 6, 2013

Medical facilities and services have become an important factor to the development of tourism worldwide. The governments of various countries are re-examining the strengths of their hospitals and the quality of care that they provide, searching for areas that they can invest in for further development, as they highlight the unique features of their country in advertisements – all in an effort to become more attractive to health and medical travelers.



Indeed, there is much at stake with the development of medical tourism in countries. Growth in this sector has great potential in boosting the economic resilience of a nation due to the generation of jobs. However, in spite of the best efforts of many countries, there are still many factors that can impede the growth of their medical travel industry.

Government policy and regulations on tourism continue to play an important part in the development of medical travel. A country may wish to attract more people to its hospitals, but too strict policies on tourism may drive a significant number of foreign patients away.


Image Source: traveldailynews.com

Image Source: traveldailynews.com


Meanwhile, the details related to quality of care remain invisible to travelers when the country has a reputation of being unsafe. Medical travelers do not interact solely with the medical institutions when they come to visit, and so increasing efforts in reducing crime and violence is necessary for growth in the sector.

Other than concerns on safety and the quality of care, comfort and convenience also remain a priority for many medical travelers. Factors like the availability of rental cars, the state of hotels, or the presence of ATMs that accept Visa credit cards can affect the consumer’s decision to travel to a certain country.


Image Source: deluxevent.com

Image Source: deluxevent.com


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