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Five amazing facts about the human skin

May 14, 2013
Image Source: gizmag.com

Image Source: gizmag.com

Most people don’t realize how amazing the human skin is, owing to the fact that since they see it every day, they don’t give it much thought, considering it something mundane.

However, the skin has a variety of uses, from protecting the entirety of the body from bacteria, viruses, and germs to serving as an outer layer for the internal organs. Because of the roles it plays, the skin is considered as one of the most important organs of the human body. In addition to those basic functions, DiscoverMagazine.com lists some little-known facts about the human skin:

• The skin releases approximately 3 gallons of sweat every day during extremely warm days, and the only parts of the skin that don’t sweat are the eardrums, the tip of the penis, the lip margins, and the nail bed, which is where the nails grow on.

Image Source: soycatador.com

Image Source: soycatador.com

• Fingerprints aren’t just useful for identification purposes; they also improve a person’s grip by increasing friction between the fingers and the object.

• The skin is the body’s largest organ, spanning 21 square feet and weighing 9 pounds.

• Dust is mostly composed of dead skin cells, with the skin shedding up to 50,000 skin cells every minute.

• The visual cortex of blind people is rewired, which allows them to “see” through touch.

Image Source: abc.net.au

Image Source: abc.net.au

Because the human skin plays a vital role, keeping it clean and taking good care of it is very important for it to look and stay healthy.

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