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Understanding destination attractiveness in medical travel

May 29, 2013
Image Source: hqmedicaltravel.com

Image Source: hqmedicaltravel.com


A lot of medical travel service companies tout low-cost, high-quality medical travel services using the latest technologies as a competitive advantage for consumers to choose their services over competitors’. However, low-cost, high-quality healthcare is only a part of a bigger picture—something called destination attractiveness.

Destination attractiveness influences a patient when choosing a medical travel service or destination; it consists of the following factors:

Geographical proximity. The nearer a medical destination is to a patient’s home country, the better the chances that he will choose it.

Cultural proximity. Patients tend to choose countries that have a culture similar to theirs because it might be easier for them to adapt and communicate with the locals.

Destination image. Patients also take into account a destination’s reputation.


Image Source: designmynight.com

Image Source: designmynight.com


Destination infrastructure. Patients take into consideration a destination’s infrastructure, which is not limited to clinic or hospital facilities.

Destination environment. Climate and available attractions can also influence a patient’s choice of medical travel destination.

Risk and reward. Patients will also weigh the risks and rewards of having a procedure done at a medical destination, often checking for track records and safety rates.

Price. As with most things, price is also taken into consideration. This might include cost of treatment, travel, and stay.

Understanding how patients choose their medical travel services and destinations is important and may prove useful for companies wanting to better tailor their services to the needs of their customers.


Image Source: hqmedicaltravel.com

Image Source: hqmedicaltravel.com


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