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Hip resurfacing vs. hip replacement: A sensitive decision

August 28, 2013

Aging is an irreversible process that advances through several manifestations in the body, including malfunctioning bones. These physical failures come in the form of hip and joint disorders. When this health problem takes a painful and debilitating turn, either hip replacement or resurfacing becomes a serious need.

But when is hip replacement a better choice than hip resurfacing? What are the differences between the two procedures?


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Mayo Clinic explains that hip resurfacing doesn’t replace the damaged hip ball with a metal or ceramic ball, which is usually done in hip replacement. The ball is actually reshaped and capped using a metal prosthesis. Unlike hip replacement, hip resurfacing is technically more difficult and generally requires a larger incision. The risk of complications in resurfacing is also higher than in replacement. Because of the positioning of the metal ball on a metal socket, some patients complain of pain, hypersensitivity, or tissue destruction.


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Hip replacement, on the other hand, utilizes long-lasting artificial joint implants. Older patients do not mind these invasive implants in their advanced age. Younger patients, though, prefer hip resurfacing because it keeps more bones intact and allows wiggle room for a total hip replacement later in life, or if the need arises.

For some patients, a resurfacing hip implant may be the most clinically appropriate for them, but for others, this may not be a good idea. The only one way to determine the more appropriate procedure is by consulting reputable health practitioners and never taking chances.



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