Satori World Medical offers a wide range of surgical procedures at its International Centers of Excellence. Helping patients every step of the way, from initial registration to postoperative follow-up, Satori World Medical assists patients through each stage of scheduling and coordinating their medical procedure and recovery. The benchmarks of customer experience with Satori World Medical include coordinating medical procedures at quality international medical centers, passing savings on to clients, and delivering the highest quality of customer service available.

Uniquely, Satori World Medical offers a Health & Shared Wealth Program(TM) that includes 40 to 80 percent savings on high-cost medical procedures. By finding quality hospitals and healthcare centers outside the United States, Satori World Medical is able to save clients money while including in its charges all hospital stays, physician fees, hotel stays, airfare, transportation services, and personal accident insurance policy for the patient and his or her companion of choice. Satori World Medical also takes advantage of Health Reimbursement Accounts, employer-funded plans that reimburse employees for appropriate medical expenses. Furthermore, individuals who schedule procedures with Satori World Medical incur no out-of-pocket medical and travel expenses, no copays, coinsurance, or deductibles. In addition, because of the cost savings realized with Satori World Medical, a patient’s employer may choose to offer additional benefits, such as a per diem for meals or a debit card for incidentals, or not count the employee’s time off for surgery as sick leave.

Patients searching for ways to offset the high cost of US surgical procedures are invited to visit Satori World Medical’s website, http://www.satoriworldmedical.com, where the company lists the various medical procedures it offers. These include orthopedic, cardiac, spinal, women’s health, men’s health, and weight loss procedures.

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