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UK study: Children don’t get enough exercise

This IOL Lifestyle article warns that children under 10 years old who get less than an hour’s exercise a day could face heart failure in the future.

Unfortunately, these days, many kids under 10 do not engage in enough physical activities. BBC News Health reveals a UK-wide scientific analysis of primary school children’s activities, showing half of seven-year-olds, mostly girls, having too much sedentary time, or failing to meet recommended durations of physical activity daily. The research compares activities between boys and girls and exposes disparity between the sexes in exercise. Whereas two out of three boys, representing 68 percent of the population, get exercise for about an hour a day, only one in three girls, representing a dismal 38 percent of the sex, do so.

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Professor Carol Dezateux, one of the proponents of the study, voiced to BBC News Health her “worry” about the results. Kids of this age are less likely to engage in physical activity as they grow older. She suggests that health and exercise programs need to target girls more by surveying the playgrounds, which are overrun with boys playing football. She also highlights directing research toward discovering the causes of child inactivity, particularly among girls.

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As Dr. John Middleton, a member of the faculty of Public Health puts it: “We need our children to grow up to be fit and healthy adults, not just because it’s what any civilized society would want for its children, but it’s also best for our economy too.”

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