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Rwanda aims to be the medical travel destination in Africa

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To boost the country’s coffers, Rwanda aims to be the premier medical travel destination in Africa. However, in order to do that, the country has to attract more investors to build more world-class facilities similar to what they have in the country right now.


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The country is doing this to further revitalize its travel industry, hoping to attract millions of African patients from across the continent. Currently, its travel industry is seeing a slow but steady growth, seeing a 22-percent increase in 2012 compared with that in 2011. Its government believes that medical travel is the key that can help them further enhance the growth of its travel sector. But before it can transform itself into a premier medical travel destination, it needs better hospitals, highly trained personnel to operate those hospitals, and better medical practitioners and specialists, and since the government does not have enough money to do so, it has to rely on foreign investors to do it for them. Building Rwanda to better handle the influx of medical travelers will also benefit the locals, as currently, there is a shortage of doctors and health care waiting time is long.


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However, transforming Rwanda into a medical travel hub is more than just getting investors to build facilities; there has to be synergy between the government and the private sector for this to succeed.

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Health care insurance outside the borders

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Nowadays California patients don’t have the luxury of time to wait in line for an appointment with their local HMO doctors, which is why they opt for the convenience of medical travel outside the borders, like the nearby city of Tijuana which Mexican doctors dub as la ola verde, meaning the “green wave” of Southern California residents.

“In Tijuana, I can make an appointment today for tomorrow,” San Diego resident Arturo Chavez explained after switching from a US HMO to one in Tijuana. The change left Chavez’s employer to pay for a plan worth $94 a month, which is $66 less than the previous cost. Chavez’s co-payments went down from $10 to $4. Just like many Californians, Chavez was attracted by the medical and dental care in Tijuana and other border towns because of the easy access to incredible savings, immediate service, and top-notch technology, among others.


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Good news to all California residents

With the increasing number of Americans wanting to get medical treatment in Mexico, there has been a combined effort from both countries to enforce quality control. On one hand, there are several Mexican health care providers that offer services based on US standards in every aspect of their operation. On the other hand, California-based health plans note that they meticulously select the Mexican practitioners that their patients can go to. Additionally, California enforces that all patients who seek treatment in Mexico via HMO get equal rights as those who get healthcare services in California.


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Satori World Medical Patient Has Excellent Medical Travel Experience with Gastric Bypass Surgery

Samantha Davis, a student at Brigham Young University and daughter of Lee Davis, an employee at Imperial County Office of Education, recently traveled to Centre Metropolitain de Chirurgie in Montreal, Canada for laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery. Satori World Medical coordinated Davis’ care which is now part of ICSVEBA’s employee medical plan.

The surgery was performed by Dr. Nicolas Christou, a world-renowned bariatric surgeon. Dr. Christou is an accomplished bariatric surgeon and is a member of many prestigious societies including the American Surgical Association, The Canadian Association of General Surgeons, The American College of Surgeons and the American Society of Bariatric Surgery. Dr. Christou is part of Satori World Medical’s network of hospitals and physicians.

Weight loss procedures offered by Satori’s global network include gastric bypass, lap band and gastric sleeve. Davis saved a significant amount of money using Satori World Medical’s network for gastric bypass surgery. The patient’s entire medical costs, as well as the patient and companion’s airfare, hotel, ground transportation and insurance were covered under Satori’s agreement with the patient’s healthcare plan.

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