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Cosmetic surgery: What’s the minimum age?

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With the growing debate on whether or not children should undergo procedures like nose jobs, liposuction, or breast enhancement, the question still lingers: Is there a minimum age for cosmetic surgery?

In some countries, like Germany, there is no minimum age requirement for such surgical procedures, but an increasing number of these surgeries have been done on younger patients. According to the Association of German Plastic Surgeons, patients who are below 20 years old make up about 10 percent of all cosmetic surgeries in the country.
However, in the US, the minimum age depends on the type of cosmetic procedure and is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).





This can be done at any age, but doctors usually advice teens to wait until facial maturity is reached. This is between ages 13 and 14 for girls and ages 14 and 15 for boys, when the nose has fully developed.




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Although there’s no age limit for this procedure, many surgeons consider a patient’s psychological and emotional maturity before agreeing to perform the procedure. This involves the help of counselors or psychologists for younger teens to have a change of self-impression to avoid such procedure. If not, they can wait until they turn 18 years old to have the procedure.


Breast augmentation



The FDA rules that no cosmetic breast augmentation under the age of 18 is allowed. With a serious consideration for the patients’ health, doctors may perform this procedure on patients aged 19 to 34 years of age.


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