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Red wine during pregnancy OK, says study

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The advice from experts for pregnant women to avoid any kind of alcohol during pregnancy still holds, but for women who are fans of red wine, there is now a study that found that moderate drinking of wine while pregnant may not do much harm to the unborn child.

According to studies, red wine contains some compounds that help lower a person’s risk of diabetes and heart disease. Resveratrol, a compound in wine, has also been tagged as a healthy compound. It helped boost heart health because it lowered blood cholesterol and fought off free radicals that promoted blockages in heart vessels.

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Given these, it may be difficult for some enthusiasts to give up drinking red wine all of a sudden while pregnant. The study, found on the journal BMJ Open, tested for balance problems in children born to mothers who drank moderately during pregnancy. According to the authors of the study, having trouble with balance may indicate problems with brain development in utero.

The findings of this recently published study were in line with previous studies that reported that moderate drinking while pregnant was not linked to declines in intelligence, attention, and self-control of the child. Still, the researchers noted that there may be other factors, like the mother’s genes or socioeconomic status, which led to the results.

Given that the safe level of consumption remains undefined, expectant mothers are still advised to gradually reduce their wine consumption while the baby is still developing in their womb. They can continue to enjoy the benefits of wine after the baby is born.

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REPOST: Study pinpoints women at risk for blood clots from pregnancy

In this MSN Healthy Living, Robert Preidt reports the newly released findings on the occurrence of blood clots in pregnant women.

TUESDAY, April 2 (HealthDay News) — Several factors that increase the risk of blood clots in women during or after pregnancy are outlined in a large new study.

Women who were older than 35, who were overweight or obese, or who smoked were at somewhat higher risk of developing blood clots during pregnancy. Medical complications such as pre-existing diabetes, varicose veins and inflammatory bowel disease were also associated with increased risk.

The findings could help doctors identify at-risk women and take measures to prevent them from developing blood clots, which can be dangerous and potentially deadly if they break free and travel to areas such as the heart, brain or lungs.

For the study, researchers analyzed data from nearly 400,000 pregnancies that occurred between 1995 and 2009.

Among new mothers, being obese was associated with a fourfold increased risk of developing a blood clot. The risk was two times higher than normal among those who had a cesarean delivery, a premature birth, bleeding in pregnancy or had given birth three or more times, according to the study, which appeared April 2 in the journal Blood.

Women who had a stillbirth were six times more likely to develop a blood clot, formally known as venous thromboembolism (VTE).

“We believe the strong association between stillbirths and premature births and [blood clots] in particular is a finding of real importance that has received only limited attention to date,” study leader Dr. Matthew Grainge, of the School of Community Health Sciences at the University of Nottingham, in England, said in a university news release. “[Stillbirths and premature births] are not currently incorporated in the guidelines for risk assessment for [blood clots] and, if they were, then many cases associated with those risk factors could potentially be prevented.”

Blood clots affect about one or two pregnancies per 1,000, according to the news release. Despite being rare, blood clots are a leading cause of death in expectant and new mothers in developing countries.

“Preventative measures for [blood clots], such as a daily dose of the blood thinner heparin, may not be cost effective or safe and are therefore only recommended for women who are considered high risk,” Grainge said. “However, there is currently inconsistency and disagreement over the factors that put women in that high-risk category, and we hope this research will provide clinicians with valuable new information.”

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A treat for mom: Pregnancy and getting a mommy makeover

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Having a baby is a blessing, and it is an event worthy of a celebration. However, having kids can become overwhelming, and can take its toll on the mother’s physical appearance. Mothers have to put up with weight gain, sagging breasts, and bulging tummies. This could be distressing, especially if the body changes are hard to correct with diet and exercise.

Dr. Lawrence Tong
, a plastic surgeon in Toronto, Canada, notes that pregnancy may lead to low self-esteem due to changes in the body. To help correct their post-pregnancy body issues, Dr. Tong advises mothers to undergo a mommy makeover.


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Lisa Brock, a mom from Lebanon, Pennsylvania, knew she needed the mommy makeover when her full C cup became less than an A after having her fourth baby. Lisa underwent a breast lift and augmentation, and a tummy tuck, and couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.

Just like many moms, Lisa has turned to surgery to bring back her pre-pregnancy body. As long as women are healthy, done bearing children, and have stopped breastfeeding, getting a mommy makeover is a very sensible choice. Dr. Tong explains that a mommy makeover typically comprises any one, or a combination, of the following procedures:

• Breast augmentation

• Breast lift

• Tummy tuck

• Liposuction

The nine months of pregnancy is not a walk in the park. Moms can treat themselves to a mommy makeover after bearing a child, so they can once again flaunt the body they had before the baby.


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