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Satori World Medical hospital feature: Bangkok Hospital Medical Center

Satori World Medical is a global healthcare network specifically designed to provide access to high-quality healthcare services and cost-saving solutions. The company leads the way in the globalization of health care through its global network of International Centers of Excellence situated in different countries, including Bangkok, Thailand. The Bangkok Hospital Medical Center (BMC) is located here.

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BMC history
In 1972, BMC’s first medical campus—with a single 100-bed facility—opened its doors to the public. Since then, it has significantly grown, becoming Thailand’s largest hospital operator with 13 network locations across the country.

Cutting-edge medical technology
BMC takes pride in using world-class and modern technology, which includes the 256-slice multi-detector CT scan, gamma knife surgery, and the blood marrow stem cell transplant. With these advancements in medical technology, this Satori World Medical hospital affords patients access to more reliable diagnostic imaging, shorter recovery periods, and less invasive surgical procedures.

BMC facilities
BMC’s patient rooms are spacious, comfortable, and have an exclusive atmosphere. The hospital also has a relaxed setting and friendly staff, resulting in complete patient satisfaction.

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Bangkok Hospital Medical Center also has a Joint Commission International accreditation.


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