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Obesity: Acknowledging the problem

With rising obesity rates in the US, viewpoints have arisen on how best to tackle the problem. Questions like ‘whose problem is it really?’ and ‘who is to blame?’ inform the search for solutions. Fast food and soda companies have taken criticisms in the swirl of discussions, as their products have been deemed the key culprits to obesity.


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In their defense, food and beverage companies have come up with promotional materials highlighting healthy lifestyles to combat obesity rates. This move, however, is still seen as problem avoidance. Alexandra Sifferlin recently pointed out in a TIME article that these promotional materials merely impute irresponsibility on consumers.


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Naturally, these companies cannot be expected to shoulder all of the blame in the interest of protecting their businesses. However, they could do better than current initiatives to inform consumers of the effect of soda and fast food on overall health and wellbeing.

By accepting their liabilities and by sending the right messages to consumers, food and beverage companies can keep their loyal customers while discouraging unhealthy eating habits such as overconsumption and a preference for only one type of food.


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