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REPOST: Meditation can reduce stress and lower risk of heart disease

Relieve stress and reduce the risk of acquiring heart disease through meditation. Learn more about it from this Health News article.


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Transcendental meditation has swept the news this morning touting an ability to dramatically reduce heart disease and heart complications.
Transcendental meditation (TM) is rooted in Indian culture, founded in the 1950s. It found widespread acceptance in the 1960s and 1970s, and has since become less of a form of religion and more of a technique of relaxation and spirituality. A form of mantra meditation, TM technique is taught in seven steps and helps the individual calm the mind and body.

The study focused on teaching the TM technique as a stress-reduction approach to a group of 201 African American patients with coronary heart disease (CHD). According to the press release, African Americans have higher rates of CHD-related illness and death, and that psychosocial stress might be a contributing factor. The researchers theorized that the effects of a stress reduction intervention would help reduce CHD risk factors and perhaps prevent CHD-related morbidity and mortality.
Between 1998 and 2007, study participants either engaged in meditation techniques for 20 minutes twice per day, or spent the same amount of time practicing other heart-healthy lifestyle behaviors that they were taught in a cardiovascular health education program.

The results found that TM appears to reduce the risk of death, heart attack and stroke, while also lowering blood pressure and stress levels far better than the control group which practiced heart-healthy behavior.

Transcendental meditation did not, however, improve other “mitigating factors” of CHD such as depression, isolation and lack of social support.
It seems evident that meditative practices, such as TM, are not the cure-all for heart disease but may provide some added benefits to those suffering from it.

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Wellness travel trends for 2013

In the previous year, healthcare industry observers saw a significant rise in the number of patients who traveled abroad for medical treatment. Without a doubt, medical travel has become more and more popular as an option due to the rising costs of health care in the US.


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Throughout 2013, observers have also noted some wellness travel trends that can contribute to the positive image that the industry has achieved among consumers, and might make travel for wellness more appealing to people who have remained unconvinced about its merits.

Some of the improvements to expect this 2013 are the following:

– Many airports are undergoing renovations that are geared toward increasing comfort. Wellness has become a top consideration in many airport designs, and there are many terminals that are undergoing changes to create an atmosphere of relaxation for airline passengers.



– Hotels are also starting to do their part in ensuring the health and wellness of their guests. Many have gone beyond the usual spa, gym, and pool offerings, and have taken steps to ensure a more comfortable stay with rooms designed to induce better sleep, and air conditioning systems that eliminate bacteria and allergens in the air.

– Many companies are also planning to increase the incentives given to employees who participate in health improvement programs.


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– Apart from medical procedures, the non-religious spiritual practices for healing are also gaining more attention. Mental health is also an important aspect to wellness, and various forms of meditation and yoga are part of many medical travel packages.

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